Eiko will teach a weekend movement workshop at Zen Mountain Monastry.

Offered as an antidote to our fast paced, activity-filled world, Delicious Movement Workshop is a quiet, slow-paced, creative practice that anyone can join and enjoy. It is an invitation to come home to your body and to find the ancient, naked mind that might have gotten tucked away inside it.

The body is a landscape, and landscape is a body. With this notion, Eiko offers a simple but richly nuanced movement vocabulary that each participant can adopt to suit his or her own body, time sense and taste. By doing so, people are encouraged to develop a lifelong pleasure in moving their body and seeing and appreciating others’ bodies. The class will further reflect on what is it to be metaphorically naked, what is it to be kind, and how learning movement reveals and alters our relationships with the environment and with other beings.

Emphatically noncompetitive, this workshop is open to all ages and backgrounds. No previous dance or athletic training is necessary.

About the Instructor: Born and raised in Japan, Eiko Otake is a New York-based movement artist and choreographer who for the last 40 years has worked as Eiko & Koma. She collaborates with Koma in creating choreography as well as visual and sound environments for their numerous works that they perform worldwide. Their honors include a 1996 MacArthur Fellowship and a 2004 Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award. Named this year as an inaugural Duke Performance Fellow, Eiko teaches Delicious Movement as a college course and as community engagement.

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